The mandate, goals and core values

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The Mandate


  • Touch friends ‘all people everywhere’ with the life of God 

Touch:  Come so close as to be or come into contact with: have an  effect on.

Touch with:

  • Voice / audio/ ‘the message’
  • Visual = written word and digital experience (web and portable  viewing)
  • Value = value based messages, seminars and conferences
  • Viable = practical help food and clothes as part of the message /  capable of working successfully


  • Unbelievers searching for truth, need inspiration or “need to see God at work” 
  • Believers who want to hear and experience God but not commit to more with us


  • Teach followers of Christ the fullness of God’s life

Teach: Impart knowledge, revelations and spiritual life to followers of God

Followers: Believers who...

  • are willing to serve
  • desire continued spiritual experiences with sacrifice
  • are willing to sacrifice time and resources
  • desire to worship
  • will pray
  • will study the word of God
  • partner with us


  • Train disciples {fanatics} in the ways of God

Train: Teach a particular skill or type of behaviour through practice  and instruction over a period of time

Fanatic: A person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal

  • Recognize through prayer, service, faithfulness and spiritual exercise the gifts in demonstration in the body of Christ
  • Develop and mentor the gifts and callings God has given to Heritage of Faith
  • Release the gifts into service after teaching, training, adequate preparation and ongoing support


  • Transfer leadership to faithful and loyal disciples

Transfer: Hand-over, delegate and pass on

Disciple: A follower or student of a teacher or leader

  • Transfer authority and command to those who have learned through instruction and practice over a period of time to follow the message of Christ, the force of faithfulness and loyalty, and who are able to originate the desire to follow Christ more fully in others.



The Goal

(20 Year objective from January 2010) 


Touch 1 million people 

Teach 100 000 believers

Train 10 000 disciples

Transfer to 1000 leaders


Employ the tools of  Television, magazines, books and digital media to effectively touch 1 million people and teach them in their homes

Establish 1000 Heritage communities  incorporating Churches and Education Centers, representing 100 000 people

Educate and activate 10% of all communities to be disciples - 10 000 disciples

Establish a framework to facilitate ongoing communication, training and development of Godly Leaders

10% of all disciples to be leaders - 1000 leaders



Core Values:

  1. Quality: Creative, purposeful and excellent standards that endure                                      
  2. Healthy: Emotional, spiritual and relational productivity that promotes a positive experience
  3. Stretch: Stretch for better ministry, community and kingdom minded  results


Words and Phrases that help to clarify our core values:


  • Trust - We believe everyone embracing the values of the ministry will do what is best for church members, partners, each other, and the ministry. (Integrity -Honesty, Truthfulness,Transparency, Uncompromising, Keep your word, Uprightness, Accountable).
  • Mutual Respect - We treat everyone with dignity and courtesy. (Effective Communication - Seek to understand, Be understood,  Timely communication, Positive, Respectful).
  • Teamwork - We recognize the potential for teams to produce superior results over what team members could achieve as individuals. (Team - Supportive, Excellence, Flexible, Mutual respect, Unselfish,  Networking,  Appreciating unique talents).
  • Empowerment - We believe people must work in an environment where they feel enabled to make decisions that contribute partner satisfaction and performance of the ministry. (Empowerment - Expansive, Imparting, Affirming, Encouragement, Coaching and Equipping, Mentoring –seeing potential and causing it to be realized).
  • Risk-Taking - We accept and encourage informed risk taking. (Pioneering - Radical (far-reaching), “why not” mentality,                          visionary minded, Fore-runners, Cutting-edge, change agents, boundary breakers, Risk taking, paradigm shifters).
  • Sense of Urgency - We recognize time as our major productivity enabler and spiritual advantage. (Excellence - Financial integrity, Effective administration, Responsible management & Leadership, Maximum Productivity, Always deliver, Stewardship, Partner satisfaction).
  • Continuous Improvement - We recognize everything we do as a process that can be eliminated, simplified, or improved.                                     (Growth - Teachable, Proactive, Willingness to learn, Receiving correction, continuous improvement, Expansive).
  • Commitment - We deliver what we promise to each other and to our customers. (Loyalty - Submissive and committed, Honour and esteem, Fidelity, Faithful, Dependable, Trustworthy, Reliable, Preserve unity).
  • Customer Satisfaction - We delight our internal and external members/partners by exceeding their expectations. (Serving - Humility, Hospitality, Empathy, Helpful, Gracious, Compassionate, Willingness, Availability, Tolerance).





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