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FAMILY – A Universal Subject.


“Touch, Teach, Train, Transfer” – is a word picture of how any family, whether a natural or a spiritual family operates. This means nurturing and nourishing in all the stages of growth; baby, toddler, child, teenager and into adulthood. But not everyone has had positive family experiences & may not have had these natural inputs to relate to, so understanding the significance of every individual, that they have a destiny and an assignment is critical to us at John Bendixen Ministries.

In the absence of external input from a family, whether a natural family or a church family, you don’t get to realize the growth or the stages of maturity or to express your life assignment. We believe that at John Bendixen Ministries we have a high capacity to recognize in each other our destiny & acknowledge that everyone is destined & assigned by God; everyone is significant.

From the seemingly least in our church family to Pastor John, our leader, there is a culture & environment of recognizing and acknowledging, to receiving from one another. You are significant and you are valuable, if God has called you and set you in here, it’s for growth, it’s for maturity. In this environment, we recognize, acknowledge, honor and respect gifting; no one is insignificant; THIS IS FAMILY.

We are calling forth destiny, we are calling forth assignment and significance in each other. It is a powerful culture to be involved in because we all get to receive from one another. We all carry a unique expression of Who God is, so it is not enough just to receive from Pastor John or Pastor Sharon, we need to be receiving from everyone in our church family. So if you visit and then God calls you to us, you must be with us not only for yourself, but also for all of us, for all of our destinies.

Touch is the highest form of nurturing and in our ministry you will experience touch, one to one. You will experience touch from the pulpit, but also one to one which is vitally important. Releasing mature disciples in our ministry is critical, because as pastors our ‘touch’ is limited, so we are creating ambassadors of touch, those who God has released in them the capacity to touch. We can teach them & equip them & then train them to be disciples.

Every person, even people who live on the streets and come to church on Sundays, need to be given the same respect as the pastor. We want to get them thinking that their identity is very significant. The love of God is going to heal them and to set them back on track for their destinies and each one of us is a conduit for that love as we; “touch, teach, train and transfer” the love of God The Father at John Bendixen Ministries.


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