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A Prophetic Word from Pastor John on Sunday 5 January 2014

He told me about the next three years….
In 2014, going through to 2015, 2016 and to the beginning of 2017:
The Lord is going to cause us as a people to become so fruitful in different areas of our lives, so that His jealousy and His love are going to be evident upon those who are going to put Him First Place!

He said that when our money goes to God first because we see His great love that He has given us:
Then His jealousy is going to demonstrate itself in exceptional fruitfulness!!!!
There are different types of fruitfulness that happen according to the Word of God.
There’s fruitfulness that you have to be military minded about to obtain this kind of fruitfulness.
Because God said to the children of Israel, “you will live in houses that you didn't build, and you will eat of the good of the land when you didn’t plant anything”.
He gave them a military strategy to go and obtain and live in that kind of fruitfulness.
So there are times when we need the strategic wisdom of God to obtain fruitfulness.
Then there’s a level of fruitfulness where God will say: “Here is your skill, here is your ability - I am anointing it.”
And God says that there will be a level of fruitfulness where your own skill and your own ability that He gave you naturally, will produce exceptional results!!!
Then there’s a third type of fruitfulness that God says in the next three years these three varieties of fruitfulness are going to be demonstrated in our lives.
The third kind of fruitfulness is sowing and reaping and it has the basis of the Word of God in it, as well as a natural giving. The spirit of generosity is the greatest spirit that you and I can live in, by the Spirit of God!
Not the spirit of accumulation!
But the spirit of generosity!
“Oh! But I must accumulate for my old age!”
What you compromise to keep you will eventually lose!
You cannot compromise the Word of God to make yourself feel safe!
You have to live in the Word of God to make sure you are secure!
Because the Word of God is our security!

2014 is going to be the beginning of fruitfulness and your very identity as a person is going to change.
He doesn’t want you going back to the person you were five years ago even if you were spiritual.
God want’s to take you to a whole new level of identity in Him!
And in the next three years your identity is going to change!
You are no longer going to see yourself as the person that you have been…struggling with this fear…struggling with that failure…struggling with this or that thing!
If you will believe the Word of the Lord you will become a completely different person!
And you will have victory over every death in your life!
And you will be an example of the manifestation of the love of God because you are not going to get there through yourself.
You are going to get there through His Word and the power of Who He is!!
God is going to cause us to live fruitfully!
And every area of our lives that are unfruitful, God is going to cause to become fruitful!
We are going to have fruitfulness!
So! Thank you Holy Spirit!
I want to say this to you: “Every breakthrough in life requires that somebody has to pay a price.”
Also I want to say this to you: “Sharon and I have paid a price in marriage so that you don’t have to.”
You can live in the anointing of what God has given us and you can be free in your marriage… you can be free in your relationship…. you must just receive the life!!
So say this: “Father, my pastors have a love and unity in their marriage and I receive their anointing and I receive their fruitfulness into my life!!”

Live strategically!
Live fruitfully!
I am going to live in this word until 2017 and I am going to look back and say: “I don’t recognize my life, because who I was, is so distant from who I am now!”

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